Letters to God is a true coming of age story. It’s about those moments that I think everyone goes through regardless of their current faith. We all have those moments when we question what our purpose is and how to reach it. What does all of this pain mean? How can we go on to love when we’ve been hurt so badly before? What is the point of it all? A series of photos and writings that I’ve composed over time. An intimate and true telling of love, pain, and the rediscovery of self-joy. Letters to God seeks to be a reflection of a young woman learning what it means to be truthfully herself in a world that is not always so kind.

Since the release of my book on August 28th, 2016, I have gone to perform my poems at various universities and community events.  It is my absolute love and my ongoing need to tell my truth and inspire others to tell theirs. This project really was a complete reflection of me at the time. It may be a bit messy, a bit raw, a bit in the gray areas, but all of the photos, design work and written content was created by me in all of its flawed perfection.  I welcome you into my world and challenge you to go deeper into yours all at once.

Letters to God is no longer available for purchase.


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