Quest App Prototype

Quest App Prototype

My Process

For my interdisciplinary methods course, my team developed a new product idea that connects world travelers with small businesses around the world. It was our goal to create a simple website that allowed travelers to exchange their skills for discounts on products, room and board while being immersed in the culture and community. My job was to create the prototype that highlighted our goals with a clean design.


Quest is a web application that seeks to bring world travelers and small business needs together in one place. By providing a bartering space for these two groups to interact, small businesses gain assistance with work they need completed while world travelers gain discounts on services and products and get to contribute to the community they are visiting. This is a product built with ethical tourism in mind targeting tourists who want an authentic experience in the communities they travel and to give back during their time by providing services to small and medium sized businesses.


Target Users
  • world travelers with designated skill sets
  • ages 18 – 50
  • small business owners


  • Figma for prototyping
  • Canva for logo design
  • Unsplash for stock photos



I held a design thinking workshop for my team to develop the basic sketch of our app. We outlined the color scheme, the layout and the basic features.








Application Demo




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