Non-Use Project

Non-Use Project

This project is a part of my work with the Ethics Lab and focuses on discovering concerns around privacy through the study of non-users.

The Ethics Lab is an innovation lab that combines philosophers and designers in utilizing design research methods to facilitate discussion and grapple with complex ethical issues around digital technologies.


I worked with two designers and developed the research plan and interview protocol. We interviewed five people in total.

Research Plan 

Timeline: Three weeks

Method: Semi-structured interviews

Tools: Zoom, Google Drive

Analysis: Empathy mapping, coding using transcripts and audio clips

We used a type of empathy mapping to further understand the users and made notes after playing audio clips from the interviews.






























Major Findings
  • Racial identity can be a role player in concerns of privacy and surveillance while using digital technologies that track biometrics
  • Location data features on applications are sometimes “mis-used” as a way of protecting personal information
  • People dislike ads on social media is an invasion of privacy
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