California Electric Car Users

California Electric Car Users

Executive Summary

This report will examine how a potential user interacts with the Nissan Leaf electric car. In this particular study, I was responsible for using the survey data collected from the California Center for Sustainable Energy on the users of plug-in electric cars in California to create a map of touch points for the user and create recommendations on how to improve the product experience of a new user. 

Research Methods
User Persona

The user persona I created was based on differing factors in the data set. Our persona known as “Jackie Monaé” is an educated woman who makes $150,000 annually as a creative director. She has a creative eye and is precise and critical about punctuality and purpose in the design. Her main motivations involved quality customer service, rewards and savings, and convenience. Currently, Jackie lives in the city and although she doesn’t like driving long distances or traffic, she plans to move out of the city to buy a house.

User Persona

Journey Map

The journey map is an outline that traces how Jackie first heard about electric cars to buying a new Nissan Leaf. In this particular instance, Nissan Leaf has partnered up with their apartment complex to bring new charging stations to the apartment. Jackie receives an email about this and decides to consider how buying an electric car may be beneficial since the email says there is a special going on, it saves money on gas and allows for access to the HOV lane and other rewards.

Journey Map


By understanding what different users need and their experience with the Nissan Leaf, we can create better products and services that make our users loyal to our brand. Jackie Monaé is a typical user because she makes $150,000, is well educated, lives in an apartment with her partner and plans to own her own home soon. Designing a positive experience for her can help us understand how to extend our brand to other users who are similar and better serve individuals with different needs. Through this research, we now understand a typical customer’s journey in buying a new electric car. This research was a general study of a customer’s touch points. However, there is still room to examine more detailed aspects of the user experience and how we could use this data to market to a new target user and develop solutions that meet their needs and produce a higher conversion rate.

  • Hire a community manager to provide positive feedback on online forums and discussion boards and to direct potential customers to company email for further assistance to alleviate frustration of information overload.
  • Create a customization app on the website so that users like Jackie can pick and choose their upgrades from the comfort of their homes.
  • Provide location tool on the website for users to see which particular cars are available at select car lots so they don’t waste time coming to see the particular car they want that isn’t there.
  • During research process, email list of related and current articles that discuss the benefits of owning an electric car.
  • Let Jackie take the car home for a test drive over the weekend so she can get a better feel of the car.
  • Provide a 24 hour cancelation window after buying the car to alleviate stress when buying a large purchase.
  • Create a branded hashtag for easy sharing and online community forum for new buyers to connect with other buyers and get questions answered.
  • Offer a referral rebate for Jackie and her friends who buy an electric car from Nissan.
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