This project is a part of my work with the Ethics Lab and focuses on discovering concerns around privacy through the study of non-users. The Ethics Lab is an innovation lab that combines philosophers and designers in utilizing design research methods to facilitate discussion and grapple with complex ethical issues around digital technologies. Responsibilities I worked […]

A user report to gain insight on website usability. Executive Summary This user experience analysis was conducted for the Georgetown University Off Campus Housing Website in order to better understand user’s journey and their pain points and to recommend ways to alleviate those frustrations. I created a user persona, Sarah Scott based on survey data […]

  Executive Summary For my Systemic Design for User Experience course, my team and I created a card game, The Perfect Paire. This game is meant to allow users to learn another language (French or English) while fulfilling their need for social interaction. I was in charge of analyzing the qualitative data from the focus […]

Executive Summary This report will examine how a potential user interacts with the Nissan Leaf electric car. In this particular study, I was responsible for using the survey data collected from the California Center for Sustainable Energy on the users of plug-in electric cars in California to create a map of touch points for the […]

My Process For my interdisciplinary methods course, my team developed a new product idea that connects world travelers with small businesses around the world. It was our goal to create a simple website that allowed travelers to exchange their skills for discounts on products, room and board while being immersed in the culture and community. […]

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