Georgetown Off-Campus Housing

The Georgetown Off-Campus Housing Search tool serves the main graduate campus and medical school. It The website can be found at



This is a generative user experience study to consider new features that would benefit the user experience.


How might we increase the user experience of the Georgetown Off-Campus Housing Website?

Primary Research

Semi-structured interviews

  • How did you find the website?
  • Why did you decide to use this one?
  • What are your main considerations when looking for housing?
  • What kind of housing are you looking for?
  • How did you feel when you were searching for housing on the website?
  • Are there any things you would like to see added to the website?



The only part that wasn’t helpful was that some roommates would mark they had a place but they weren’t required to list anything about the place they already had.

I would change the roommate profiles to look more like the housing options and make it horizontal options instead of vertical.

One thing that was annoying was the roommate profile would only jump to the top if I made edits to the page. If you don’t make any edits, it gets sent to the back.



Many students who attend Georgetown University come from all over the world. They use this tool in addition to other apartment search sites to find their new home. Students trust that the housing posts listed on the Georgetown Off-Campus Housing website are places other Georgetown students live and there is a high sense of credibility.


  • Discussion board and rating system for students to share thoughts on safety, convenience, location, etc.
  • A way for roommates to share which housing links they like on the website
  • An email alert list for filtered search options
  • Require more details from students who already have housing and are just looking for a roommates
  • More detailed filter for apartments near transportation


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