About Me

I love the work that I do in designing better experiences for people who deserve products and spaces that cater to their personal needs. I received my BS in Communication from Missouri State University and I am currently an MA candidate in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University. My foci are design thinking, research and development, cultural studies and front end development. My interdisciplinary studies allow me to explore how gender and cultural identity play a role in the way users experience technology and how to develop marginalized and low-resourced communities from being solely users to producers of new technology. As the Founder of Untamed Tongues Poetry Collective, I welcome constructive criticism and share a passion for advocating for others, understanding different perspectives and giving power to their voice. I have worked as a multimedia communication specialist for three years designing social graphics, brochures, digital journalism, photography, and videography for an array of marketing, news, educational, and digital media organizations. I plan to bring my varied creative and cultural communication expertise to both the digital world and organizational spaces by designing solutions that fill the gaps in serving the needs of diverse and often unheard voices.