Brand Design

Taylor Rachelle LLC makes self care products for the creative and ambitious millennial woman. The brand is a mix of simple luxury with a clean and intimate design. 

The Point of the Brand

Users – 25 – 35 year old women who are entrepreneurial and creative, values the arts, women empowerment and inspirational messaging.

Pain points – These women are often very busy and may experience large amounts of stress and anxiety in the workplace and as business owners. They seek communities of support.

Questions: How do women take care of themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally? How can I create an experience that motivates them to take time to rest, check-in with themselves, and feel supported without feeling like they are missing out or guilty for taking a break?


This is a new brand, so everything had to be developed from the ground up. The brand is meant to be sophisticated but warm and accessible.  

Tagline – Love Yourself More

Colors – I chose earth tone colors to give a softer more homey feeling to the brand.

Mood Board

I decided the first collection would be based on various art forms displayed in French. There was debate about whether to include information on the label about what the fragrance smells like, but I decided to keep the label simple and clean and to add information on the pronunciation, the English translation, and the scent of the candle to the online description so that it doesn’t take away from the luxury feel of the label design.


I  am currently working with an external designer to help embed some hand drawings into the brand. I appreciate David Cantu‘s feminine line illustrations. An example of something we are working into the overall brand is below: 

Other Touchpoints
  • Each thank you card will come with an affirmation message and a music playlist to help them relax
  • The brand blog will highlight stories and interviews of other inspiring women and their advice on how to manage stress and anxiety
  • Journals will be another product added to the store to include stress reliving prompts and goal setting exercises