UX Research Study

A user experience study report to gain insight on card game playing experience, interaction design, language barriers and prototype desirability including a focus group analysis.

Executive Summary

For my Systemic Design for User Experience course, my team and I created a card game, The Perfect Paire. This game is meant to allow users to learn another language (French or English) while fulfilling their need for social interaction. I was in charge of analyzing the qualitative data from the focus group and using that data to create new recommendations to increase the user experience of our game.

Goals of Game Design
  • Address language barriers as an issue to interaction within game design
Goals of Research
  • Determine user experience and interaction
  • Gain insight on the visual design and prototype desirability
  • Design solutions to alleviate frustrations based on focus group results
  • Understand how symbols can be used to make information and interaction accessible across language barriers
Research Methods
  • Focus Group
    • Participants
      • Twelve graduate students
      • Ages 21-28
      • Males and Females
      • Native English Speakers and non-native English speakers
Challenges Successes
  • Cards in the game are too transparent and too small which allows players to cheat so they spend less time playing the game
  • There is a lack of function cards which creates a lack of interaction between players
  • There is ambiguity in the paring of French to English cards because of inconsistent lettering on the cards
  • The playtime was too long
  • The title of the game was unattractive
  • The design and the directions are simple
  • There is a wide audience segment for this game which allows many different types of people to play
  • Create more function cards to increase interaction and satisfaction among users
  • Use thicker materials for cards
  • Use consistent lettering among English and French cards
  • Take out cards with too similar colors and designs