How to Manifest the Life You Want for Yourself

Everyone wants to know how to manifest the life they want. It’s not just about wishful thinking and it’s more than prayer. Manifesting positive things into your life starts with the inner work for sure, but it has to move past that. Some call it action. 

You must create a real plan of action for the life you want. Be sure to leave room for the usual ups and downs but always have some sort of plan. I really want to use the next couple of weeks to plan how I would like my 2017 to go. I have some major plans and I know it won’t just happen without hard work.

Last year, I was really heartbroken. I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was incredibly afraid of what the future would bring. I felt alone and had no sort of excitement towards the upcoming year. I had been through so much in 2015. Yet, I managed to accomplish some major achievements for myself in 2016. If it wasn’t for the let downs in 2015, I may not have had the push to go further in 2016. I want to use this momentum I have to move even further.

I remember working on my book Letters to God this Summer and being so frustrated when the publisher wouldn’t accept my manuscript because of some technical errors. I was doing everything myself and I didn’t understand how to fix the problem. My birthday was arriving quickly and it was my plan to release the book on my birthday and have a book signing and everything. I cried three days before when I realized that I would not have my book in time. However, it took a great support system and some quick thinking to come up with a different idea for my party where I would just have one book available and read from that and people could just order the book themselves.

My plan didn’t work out perfectly. Heck, nothing is ever really perfect, is it? 2016 was a year of learning everything on my own. 2017 is a year of learning from the experts and getting real help towards becoming the best version of me I can be. Everyone has to start somewhere.

There is a trend in social media where everyone’s lives just look so miraculous and perfect that you think it’s necessary for you to start off an expert. I have felt this way in my publishing process and in my photography. However, I realize how important it is to be excited about learning from others and that it’s just as okay to try things out of your own first even if they aren’t perfect.

2017 will be the year I get my grades back in top shape. My business grows even more in 2017 and the thing I am most excited about is traveling! I don’t have any set plans on what I will be doing yet, but these things have been planted in my spirit and in my mind all of 2016 so I know that 2017 is the year I make that extra step.

I encourage all of my readers to write down the things they feel will happen in 2017. Don’t just wish it to happen. Know that it is already yours and begin planning for that. I am so excited to see what 2017 brings all of us.

Happy New Year my loves.