What to do when you feel like a failure

First thing first is to realize that you are not a failure!

I know that it’s really easy to get wrapped up in what you should be doing in this age. With social media it seems almost as if everyone is making it whether that’s getting a new job, travelling abroad, getting married, and buying new cars. I know personally it’s quite overwhelming to be a college senior and not know what’s going to happen in the next few months, let alone the next few years. It’s great to have a plan, but it’s even better to realize that your plans may not work out exactly how you want them to. That doesn’t make you a failure! Here are three tips on what to do when you feel like you’re going nowhere in life.


Step 1: Do something.

Don’t be the person who gets stuck in what they feel they can’t accomplished. There are so many times that we let our disappointments shape our experiences. Do something about it. Do anything. Make a change in your life. Take a risk. Typically the most rewarding experiences come from those where risks were involved. You’ll never get anything finished if you’re too busy being upset about the fact that you didn’t meet your goal this month. There is always next month. As long as you keep working and trying new methods then eventually something will come your way. Don’t give up!


Step 2: Build a great support network.

It’s so important to have a team of supporters that will be there for you when you’re down in the dumps! Everyone needs a little boost every now and then. It’s important to be a good friend to others and to have good friends that will be there for you too when you need it. Literally there have been times where I have cried because things just weren’t going the way I wanted. I’m such a perfectionist! I remember for my 21st birthday, I was planning my party and I really wanted it to be a book release. The problem was, I didn’t have any of my books! It was too late to order to books in order to have a book signing and I was completely crushed. Having a great friend by my side made all the difference. Hey, it’s not going to be like you planned but we’re going to do everything else we can to still make it great. Not only did I have a great supporter to keep me going, I was encouraged to do something. Even if that meant I had to change my game plan, I was still able to have a great outcome.


Step 3: Be patient.

I know that it’s hard to see everyone on Instagram living their seemingly amazing lives. Especially as an overall creative, I too desire to be great and to have my name out there. But two things I have to stay on top of is the work itself and to be patient! Doing the work is ultimately going to get you where you need to be. You can’t be upset with your failing grades if you know that you didn’t put in the time to do your homework and to study. Same goes with anything you want in life.


I remember when I failed my math class my freshmen year of college. I was so heartbroken because I had never failed a class before. I didn’t understand how I could let myself do so poorly in the class but I hadn’t taken math my senior year in high school which left me a year behind to remember things I had learned two years ago. I ended up having to take the class over again in the summer which I gratefully passed. I know that it was an obstacle I had to get through to make it to the next step. Obviously math is important, but I didn’t plan on being a math major either. Instead of being completely ashamed of my grade, I knew that taking the class over the summer would be a better option. I talked to my friends and family about it and they supported me whenever I felt frustrated or unworthy because of my failing grade. They reassured me that I was more than that. I was patient enough to wait an entire semester with this F messing up my whole GPA just to take the class over again in the summer. I am so thankful that I didn’t let one failing grade define me. I know there are going to be plenty of times when I fail. I am struggling with finishing off my grades this semester even. But I won’t give up. I know that my grades do not give a clear depiction of who I am just like I know that your failures do not give a true depiction of who you are either.

So again. Do all of these things and I guarantee you, you will continue to make steps ahead to where you want to be.


Do something.

Build you a great support system to keep you going.

Be patient!


Life is a journey. It happens step by step. Make it your best.