How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Internship


It’s the middle of summer and if you’ve managed to get a summer internship, hooray for you! You’ve probably gotten used to the environment a bit and can finally find your way around the new place, but there’s only a month left in the summer. What are some great ways to make sure you end your internship in the best way?


While you’re interning, you want to shadow and get to know as many people as possible and leave an honest and good impression for them to remember you by. Of course, you will have work to do, but also make time to really ask questions about the business you’re interested in and really get to know people there even on a more personal level. Life is all about building relationships and creating experiences. Not only are you interning to learn more about your future potential field, you’re there to let others know more about you. Be yourself! Get your name and your best work out there and you’ll never know what potential opportunity it may lead to.

Work hard. 

I think most people know the saying arrive early, leave late and I think interning during the summer is the best time to do that. I’ve learned that it’s totally okay to ask to come in on your off days and shadow others that aren’t in your department just to get a feel of how the whole process works. You never know that Lissa’s job down the hall and around the corner could be a much better fit for you if you never got the time to sit and talk with her off the clock. People are going to be busy so don’t get in the way too much, but most people understand interns are eager to learn and that’s great! Don’t just do the tasks they ask you to, but honestly work hard to do your best.

Keep in contact.

A great way to end an internship is to continue to keep in contact with your employer and the employees you met there. Add them on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn and be sure to keep a good image on social media. Just because the internship is over doesn’t mean you stop talking to everyone there. Leave a business card with some of the employees so they know how to reach you by phone or email and be sure to catch up with them on how you’re doing every once in a while in case a job opens up that you may be interested in.


This summer I’ve had the pleasure of interning at Fox 2 News/ CW 11 in my hometown and I really love it. I’m not sure exactly what position I’m interested in, but I do think working in the media industry is definitely a good direction for me. These are some of the tips I have been using while interning this summer. Let me know below in the comments, what tips do you have for those interning this summer? 


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