How I Landed My First Social Media Position

imageI’ve been on social media since I was in elementary school but it wasn’t until recently I realized the need for social media gurus is on the rise and that I could make money from being social! Although being a social media worker for a business is more than just tweeting personal commentary, the skills I’ve learned using hashtags and discussing in twitter chats have allowed me to build a followship but most importantly a network of people from around the world that are interested in the same causes as me.

Although I don’t call myself a social media guru as I am still learning the ropes, I knew that taking on a social media position would be the perfect opportunity to spend time growing my marketing skills working for a real business and get paid for it. I have to admit that I’ve been very busy these past few weeks with the beginning of the semester so I have been slacking on my blog posts but I promise to get back to it! Here are some things I learned from my new boss about why she decided to pick me over the other candidates.

Resume was clear and concise.

It’s very important to have a clear and concise resume. I’ve learned that you want to put what’s most relevant on your resume that’s best fit for the position you are going for. You want to make sure your resumes are personalized for each and every job you are applying for and that means paying attention to the keywords in the job ad, using those words when describing the skills that make you the best candidate. Sure you want a job so you can learn new skills and that’s great, but you want to show them why they should want you. Don’t copy and paste your same resume to every ad you apply for. Be sure to personalize it (and include a cover letter if suggested).


Being the Founding President of Untamed Tongues Poetry Collective at my university set me apart and illustrated my leadership skills. What is it that you’re a part of that can highlight some great aspect of yourself? Because I’m interested in poetry, I already have some skills on storytelling which is big in marketing. You want to show your creative side, that you have a personal passion to be involved in something and that you are self-motivated. Being in a leadership position for an extracurricular illustrates a lot of self-discipline. Don’t be afraid to show it.


Setting up a personal portfolio is super important no matter what you do. If you want to work as a social media specialist you should be aware and be on social media! Make sure you’re up to date on Facebook and Twitter and have some knowledge of Google Analytics and other social media manager sites like HootSuite. I did not have experience with these tools but because I do have my own blog, it is something I’m interested in learning. Having a personal blog is a really great way to showcase your writing skills and linking to your other social media pages. Also note, no matter what field you go into, be sure to clean up your social media pages as much as possible. You can still show your personality but be professional online because future employers do look you up and don’t want to be surprised by what they see. Being a social media specialist means knowing not to tweet about your job in a negative way or gossiping about things that happen at the workplace.

Overall personality and potential.

Lastly, be yourself! Be prepared for the interview. Practice with a friend or a career counselor. Dress appropriately for the interview and put on a big smile. Be sure to research about the company you are applying for and be excited to work there. Employers want to know you are excited about the job. I knew that the print and social media position I was applying for was something I could really learn from and help contribute to and I made it very clear that it was more than just a job to me. If you are planning on going into marketing communications like me, this is one step closer to getting a job you want when you graduate.


Let me know if you are applying for internships this semester! What tips do you have to share? Comment below! 





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