What It Means To Own Your Truth


I remember being in the third grade and having so much emotion inside of me, so much to say but too afraid to say it. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl and honestly, it’s always been in this same diary sort of love saga that I still write in today. I have to admit, my parent’s divorce definitely affected me. I don’t really hear people talk about this much and it’s so common these days, I know there has to be some kind of emotional impact on the children (and the parents) that go through divorce. That’s a completely different blog post on it’s own though. Moreover, it’s always affected my self-esteem and my relationships with others. I have this passion for love that I can’t get over. I don’t show it around my family much, but boy do I love to talk about it on social media! (lol) As I’m getting older, I think I’m more interested in the intersectionality between finding and loving myself and loving someone else completely different than me. Sometimes I’m amazed at the fact that we are our own individuals who have the ability to come from different backgrounds and still learn to love each other and to want to spend our life experience with each other.

I have to admit that romantic love is my favorite. However, I am still very family oriented. Love really is a big responsibility. You get to choose who you love, but you don’t get to choose who loves you. I’ve learned that many times before. We all have cared about someone I think who was maybe unable to care back in the same amount or maybe we’ve been that person on the other side who was just unable to be vulnerable with someone else. I’ve been both for sure. Being vulnerable with my family has always been harder for me. Perhaps, because of the divorce there’s this fragility there. I don’t know though. I always think as long as both people in a relationship (romantic, familial, or friendly) want to work to be better for each other, over time and with a lot of hard emotional work and forgiving hearts, relationships can always get healthy again. Me and my family have a fairly good relationship so I’m not too worried.

I can be very shy honestly and writing is my best way to communicate with the world. The reason I started this blog was really to get in touch with people and to let them know who I am as well as reach out to those who may have similar experiences. There are two projects I want to start. As a part of my vlog, I want to interview others on what it means to own their truth and to be confident in their story. I’m interested in knowing who you all are too.

Owning my truth is about loving who I am which is  a super lover, emotional creature, that’s weird and awkward most days, but loves to sing and dance and be happy. It’s about coming out of my comfort zone and living the life that I’ve always wanted. I am pushing myself to be more and to be okay with change, to find ways to feel in control of the change instead of being controlled by it. As a college student, I’ve been introduced to so many different things that I’ve never even thought of. I’ve had the opportunities to be in a pageant, to start my own organization, to speak at conferences and communicate with influential poets from around the world. I’ve grown so much since high school and I know I still have so much growing to do. I don’t even know where I want to live when I graduate and I’m okay with that! I know I will figure it out and I’ll work my hardest to make sure I have the best opportunities. I know I will fail sometimes, but I’ll always get back up stronger. I  have the experience to back that up. I want to know what it means to be you.

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Giovanni:  We agree. Love is a tremendous responsibility.

Baldwin:  It’s the only one to take, there isn’t any other.