Graduation? But What If I Don’t Have My Life Together?

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Last weekend, more than 5,000 students graduated from my university and I am so proud! Most of all, I’m proud of my friend Kat for doing her thing and speaking the commencement. She didn’t even tell me she got selected to do it! Nevertheless, I’m glad I was able to see it and I recorded some of it for you all in my vlog. S/O to all the #beargrads! Dre, Kat, Erica, I love y’all and I will miss you dearly. Being a junior in college is really stressful and personally, I think it’s the hardest. You feel so close to graduation and you’re really excited to see all of your friends graduate, but you’re also having a quarter-life crisis because you still have no idea what you want to do. This was me all last semester! I recently changed my major from Speech Pathology to Communications. It was a really tough decision because for a while I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do! At least I didn’t think I did.

I’m currently the president and the founder of Untamed Tongues Poetry Collective. 🙂 It’s a student organization and I’m super proud of what we’re growing into. We work together as a family to become better writers and being active in the community. I quickly realized that being president of an organization is not easy! But I love what I do and right now I’m an intern at a non-profit art poetry organization in my home town. Being president of UT made me realize how much I would love being involved in the nonprofit arts sector and even though I may not make a lot of money, I know I’m super passionate about it and if I work hard enough I can make anything happen, right? This is for any college students out there no matter what year you are. I’m telling you, it’s okay to not have everything figured out. People think just because we’re in college that we know what’s going on with our lives (some of us do) but a lot of us don’t. College is definitely expensive and I’m not saying skipping class because you don’t see the purpose of astrology in your life is a good idea. You should use college as a way to experience. Seriously, get out there! Meet some new people that you may have never come into contact with before. Get involved! This is something I tell freshmen all the time. You seriously need to get involved. Get out of your comfort zone. Throw yourself out there! Don’t lose your morals in the process though, because you always want to make sure you stay true to yourself.

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