Hi, I'm Taylor Vinson, a UX Researcher
Passionate About Building Communities, Inclusive Design, Music, Traveling and Food

It's Nice to Meet You

My Top Skills


My experience in journalism provides me expertise in connecting with people and pulling out their stories.

Survey Analysis

I use survey tools like SPSS, Qualtrics and Google Forms to analyze data quickly.


As a poet, I use my storytelling skills in my research to communicate effectively with impact.

Usability Testing

I create scenarios for testing usability that provide real-time insights on user interactions.

Content Testing

I create content based tests for user comprehension and review analytics for engagement.

Diversity & Inclusion

I think critically about how research and design affects diverse users in unique ways to combat bias.

Working With Me Feels Like...

Taylor was such a great team player when it came to school projects. We worked together in multiple courses on research ranging from racial bias in facial recognition to user experience research techniques. I always valued her opinion on anything both inside academia, as well as outside, due to her genuine, insightful nature. She knows how to think about topics from perspectives not often thought of. She is a deep thinker, a compassionate classmate, and someone who I would recommend for any position.
Hayley Pontia
UX Project Manager, AnswerLab
In life you meet people who you know possess a special gift and Taylor is one such person. I had the pleasure of working with Taylor as her direct supervisor for two years. Within that time, I observed a young enthusiastic woman who gives her 110 percent. Taylor is a woman of integrity who is willing to personally share her story with others so that they may not feel alone in their life’s journey and so that they may grow. She is an inspiration to me and to others and I am thankful just to know her. She is truly a shining star.
Valerie Cummings
Front End Developer / Designer, Missouri State University

Frequently asked questions

What sparked your interest in UX Research?

I’ve always been a very curious person and I love helping people. After spending time working in digital communications, I learned about ux research and how it can be used to improve technologies. I am most passionate about social impact and technologies that support economic empowerment.

How do you incorporate diversity and inclusion in your work?

I try to consider how the work I am doing impacts vulnerable communities. I use a mixed-method approach because I believe it’s important to understand why something happens and to bring context to my research to combat bias.

What's your research process like?

Defining the Problem 

I like to start with a clear understanding of the problem, stakeholders, and research questions.


I use a mixed-methods approach to consider context and combat bias in data.

Analysis & Storytelling

I analyze data and communicate my findings through stories that stakeholders understand and find useful.

What makes you special?

I’ve grown up writing poetry as a way of expression. My writing has always been a way to question how I feel and what’s real in the world. I use my curiosity and my storytelling in my research as I think about how other people feel and how to help them.


If you want to learn more about me, check out my about me page.

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